Thursday, September 4, 2008


Back in Salt Lake now, I spotted a bumper sticker which read: "Frodo Failed. Bush Has the Ring." Yes. Now that is more like it. Oh, and it appears Salt Lake is the land of 90's rock stations. Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews, Oasis. I'm pretty sure that beats country though. I don't know; ask me in a month. And another thing: every man wears a goatee. I counted close to twenty today. And that's just when I went to take out the garbage. One final observation: there is no "you." Only "ya."


Amanda said...

But have you been to Noodles yet?

Mary said...

Not Noodles yet! Soon! I must!

Heather said...

I found it really amusing when I moved to SLC and was asked more than a few times what kind of accent people were hearing from me - where was I from? I thought THEY were the ones with the accents.