Sunday, September 7, 2008


For those of you that heard Jeffrey Holland's talk tonight, wasn't that a-mazing?

Okay, so here's a few more photos of what I've been doing/spending/toiling over this past weekend.

Firstly, I picked up my desk from a second hand store. The original stain was this not-too-pretty yellowish accented with some stenciled cactuses on the front drawers. Cute, but not exactly me. Yet I saw potential. All those hours in front of HGTV were put to use. I sanded it down to its knuckles, and then slapped some polyeurethane over it. I'm trading out the cactus drawers for wicker baskets, which I haven't bought yet.

Isn't it cute? Look at the great job I did!

Such craftsmanship. But the very best part about this desk...

Out of nowhere psychedelic pencil sharpener. Yesssss.

Then, I also grabbed this cool chair that was 20% off.

You might be thinking that nothing really matches in my room. And you would be right. But when it's all finished I'll show you another shot, then and only then shall ye judge.

Right now I'm packing for my trip to Palo Alto tomorrow. My first day at the new job. I will spend the entire Monday getting orientated here at the local office, then I leave from work to fly to CA for a two-day firmwide orientation. Yeah, these people are dead serious about training. Kind of leaves me no out if I screw up, you know? I'm pretty sure that even with all the multiple training days held in two separate locations I'll still need help with the fax machine. Wish me luck, friends.

p.s. went on a second date last night. a third will be happening soon. dating here is soooooo much easier than it was in boston.


Anonymous said...

Mary@McCormick: I love the desk - so vintage. I am glad you are happy in your new surroundings and the dating situation sounds great!! I hope you are having loads of fun.

K. Marie Criddle said...

I LOVE that chair with many fibers of my being.