Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Today I did something I know all four of you are going to be very proud of.  It is an act of singular courage and fortitude.  It is a choice many people only wish they could make.  So many lack the mettle.  And I once was one of that many.  For weeks I sat at home frozen with indecision, sick with guilt:  what will people think of me?  But today, I silenced the worried voice with bold stroke.  Today, I changed my constellation, and set myself on a truer trajectory for happiness.  Today, I canceled my gym membership.  I am free.


ju said...


Now what happened to post #32?

Mary said...

Thank you.

Oops. 032 was in draft phase, and never published. Never published with good reason. Ha! Post number modification complete.

Linda said...

oh, I love it! I've been waiting for my stupid gym contract to run out so I can cancel it. NEXT MONTH. It's like the best count down EVER!!

good for you!

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Newt said...